Malton Market is at the heart of the local community, providing a range of shopping products to both regular and casual visitors.

It’s a great place to come and shop, browse, plan or just socialise.

The friendly stall holders are constantly aiming to provide high quality products at extremely competitive prices.

At Malton Market you can buy fruit, vegetables, meat, bread, pies, plants, flowers, ladies or gents clothing, socks, hats, greetings cards, sweets jewellery, watches, tools, hardware, picture frames, mirrors, art and more. We even have a catering outlet right on the Market Place, or you can visit one of the many retail outlets and cafés situated on the Market Place.

Free Car & Coach Parking

With free car and coach parking for shoppers, you can you discover a great deal on shopping, plus you can add to your saving by taking advantage of the free parking spaces provided around the market.

Malton has a great deal to offer both local people and visitors. Our Saturday market wants your business and aims to please you, call in this Saturday and pick up a bargain.

New Mobile Phone Stall at Malton Market

Refused a mobile phone contract due to bad credit history? Our newest stall run by nohasslemobilephones.com can help you get guaranteed acceptance with no credit check.

When applying for a mobile phone contract, most networks and companies require that you pass a credit check. But what if you have no or bad credit history?

Fortunately, there are still options out there, even if you suffer from a bad credit history. There are companies out there that will still provide you with a brand new mobile phone regardless of your past.

There are two types of mobile phone companies you can choose from:

1) Companies who do not require a credit check to be performed

2) Companies who have a low credit approval score

Discover whether you too can benefit from a mobile phone contract despite your bad/no credit history.

Update: Credit checks are easier today due to the economic situation as networks WANT more customers to make up for losses…

Three – Low Credit Score Approval

Three has been known to look sympathetically at those with bad credit history, even if you have been refused elsewhere. This has been discussed on several forums. It is best to apply directly on their website for the best chance of passing their credit check!

They offer some fantastic deals on many different tarrifs – we recommend you go for their Sim Only tariff as many people have got accepted with this despite having a bad credit history.

Three may also offer you a tariff which will have temporary restrictions for the first two months (no picture messages, no international calls and no internet access). Once you have paid your bill for two months, these will be lifted.

Three is a huge network in the UK. By going with Three you are applying with a huge name, offering some of the best deals available.

Three are recommended if you suffer from bad credit history.